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Video Creator 創作攝影師

Taipei, Taiwan

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

In this role, you will be responsible for conceptualizing and executing innovative and avant-garde ideas. We encourage you to challenge the status quo and strive for excellence in order to create exceptional and thought-provoking content. This is an opportunity to unleash your exceptional creativity and passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Join us on this exciting journey and help us redefine the way people experience film and commercials.


  • Experience in operating cameras and being able to quickly learn to use new equipment.

  • The ability to find creative solutions to any problems that arise during the shooting or post-production process.

  • A team player who is able to collaborate effectively with others.

  • Passionate about his or her work.

  • Have strong attention to detail and dedication to achieve aesthetic excellence.

About the Company

At Double Shots, we work persistently to create videos that inspire and engage our audiences. Are you passionate about solving complex challenges and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in video production? We are seeking exceptionally talented and driven video creators to join our team. As a member of our dynamic group, you will have the unique opportunity to help create innovative and engaging videos that will captivate and delight millions of viewers every day. This is a chance to work on exciting projects and make a real impact on the world of video production.

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